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Don't settle for less


There are a lot of forms of Christianity out there today. Once it became vogue to be a Christian in 325, it didn’t take long for men to design various pyramid schemes in the name of Christianity. These pyramid schemes are similar in that there are always important people at the top (usually men), telling less important people on the bottom how to gain access to Jesus. Of course this model wasn’t unique to Christianity, since all religions seem to have this modus operandi, so it wasn’t hard for men to come up with a system where power and wealth could come streaming to them from hopeful bottom feeders.

There are positions in several pseudo-Christian organizations, and if you’re currently in one of them, you know what I mean better than I probably do. Whether they go by Archbishop, Apostle, Father or even Reverend (I personally distain that one), they claim to be in a position that you are not in. More specifically, it’s understood that their relationship to Jesus is much closer than yours and they have a lot more coming to them than you do.

Jesus dealt with Morons like this all the time. Society called them Pharisees, Sadducees, Elders and Priests. He called them blind fools, moronic, vipers and hypocrites. You know that last one. Hypocrite is another word for actor. They wear a mask that shields their true identity and gives their audience the illusion that they are what they are not. Jesus wasn’t very nice to those guys because, in reality, their missions could not have been further apart. Jesus came to seek and save the lost; the broken, the sinful and the blind. They came to despise that crowd and demand worship from the rest. Isn’t that something? The one who deserved worship came to serve, and those who were supposed to serve came to be worshipped.

Well, not much has changed today. If you’re currently a bottom-feeder to one of these shams, I want to invite you to consider something else. When Jesus came, he came as God in the form of man to receive what we all deserve (including the hypocrites). He came to take the punishment for our sin upon the cross. Jesus died the death we all deserve. He did that, then he rose from the grave, thus defeating death. Since he took the judgement you deserve, you don’t need to take their judgement. Because he rose from the grave, you can hope in him instead of hoping in all the stupid hoops those clowns are making you jump through.

What I’m saying is that in real Christianity, there is no pyramid. We’re all the same. Although some of us might teach the Bible and help others to learn it, not one of our leaders has anything to do with how close you are to God. In fact, we’re just as close to him as you are. We’re all sinners saved by his love for each one of us. Does this sound better? You bet it does! It’s you and Jesus. No Middle man. Those of us who enjoy direct access to God get together and learn the Bible and worship this great God on Sunday. We also spend time with each other during the week. It’s called Church. We have no sacred ground, only sacred hearts. We have no holy places, only holy identities because of what Jesus accomplished for us. We have all gone from bottom feeders to children of the Most High God. Is that appealing? We’d love to show you more!