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Why Mine Is Better

If you haven’t read my first post entitled “Not the Same”, reading it will give a little better context for this post. If you have read it, we have either agreed that we (Evangelicals and Mormons) do not worship the same God or you’re just curious to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Either way, I’m glad you’re reading on!
I know what you’re thinking: This seems like a childish post! I mean does it really seem godly to mock the inferiority other theologies to prove a point? Actually, yes, it is just the sort of thing we see God doing on multiple occasions in the Bible. Let me give an example: In 1Samuel 5, the Philistines confiscate the Ark of the Covenant and take it into the temple of their most mighty Pagan god, Dagon. In the morning, when the Pagan priest goes into the temple, Dagon is on its face before the ark. After they set Dagon back up and dust the idol off, they come in the next morning only to see Dagon’s hands and head cut off and lying at the threshold of the Temple. (For more show-downs, see 1Kings 18, Exodus 7-11, 2Kings 19, and 2Kings 1.)
God was making a point to the Philistines. In math language it would be Israel’s God > Philistine’s god. Actually, the Philistines wanted to worship Israel’s God, but God doesn’t share worship. He informs us that he is the only God to have, and to ever, exist (Isaiah 43:10). If the Philistines would worship Yahweh, Dagon had to go. Since there is only one God (Deut 6:4), there isn’t room in this Universe for two. So, without further ado, let the contest begin!
  LDS god Biblical God
Age Has an Age Is Eternal
Time Exists in Time Created Time
Matter Existed before he did Created that too
Creation Is the product of creation Is the Father of creation
Maturity Was once a man, now a god Never was there a moment he wasn't God
Suffering Suffered for your sin in a garden Died for your sin on a cross
Salvation Saves his children Saves sinners, then makes them children


Now, just like the previous post, you have the right to disagree with the conclusion that “Mine is better”. If you maintain that the LDS god is better, continue on your merry way, but if you are starting to see the magnitude of my God dwarfing the LDS god, you’re ready to advance to the next post entitled “Why are you just standing there!?”  Thanks for reading!