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Trump Endorses Terrorist in the Rose Garden


Just when we thought this President couldn’t get any more evil, he finally showed his cards in the form of Mike Lindell, CEO of a company that manufactures tools of murder. You can watch the hate speech (trigger warning) by clicking here. I warn you, this sort of language is graphic. Be sure no children are in the room.

In a story as old as the movie Gladiator when Commodus killed Marcus Aurelius with his pillow, Trump brings his terrorist ally before the Nation to force us at pillow-point to bend to his radical agenda. Aren’t there enough pillow fights late at night? Our youth are already bombarded with temptation in this culture without the President shoving more violence in our faces. Soon slumber parties are going to be armed with more pillows in the hands of our young impressionable youth. You’ve got shreds of polyurethane foam on your hands Mr. President!

What’s worse than what this man makes is that he makes it right under our noses. Thousands of Americans are employed by this monster in his diabolical plan to smother us all. Maybe you think I’m taking this too far. You might be right, unless you watched the press conference! From his own mouth, Mike Lindell revealed his diabolical plan to use his death-sack factories to manufacture masks… FOR OUR FACES! He’s utilizing 75% of his facilities to manufacture cotton masks to the tune of 50,000 per day. Will those masks save lives? Perhaps, but someone somewhere is bound to somehow choke on one of those masks and I, for one, believe that one is one too many.

But more diabolical than the soft pillows that take so many lives, is the real agenda of Mike Lindell. Mike is transforming his factories and providing medical facilities with ways to prevent the spread of infectious disease so that he can spread the infectious disease of his Christian faith. I’ve seen it a thousand times: Christians who can’t just preach to us, they have to spread their messages with charity so they come across more convincing. They’ve been up to this for nearly two millennia. These Christians are always saving lives and tell us to read the Bible and pray. Just like their Jesus.

But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. –James 2:18

God bless you Mike Lindell! Thank you for exemplifying what Faith-driven work looks like and calling our Nation to simply read God’s Word!

Let’s all buy a “My Pillow”!