We will be moving to one service at 10:00 am beginning on June 2, 2024.

JOIN US SUNDAYS AT 9:00 & 11:00 AM

The leadership of Red Mesa Fellowship respectfully asks anyone who has a temperature or is not feeling well to refrain from coming to service. We have provided a live internet broadcast of our services that can be viewed in the home. This service is also recommended for anyone who does not want to risk contracting COVID19 from the congregation. As a secondary measure, the latter congregants may view the service in a separate room in the building where the service is streamed on a large screen. There is ample space in this room to socially distance. 

By entering the sanctuary on Sunday, Red Mesa Fellowship infers that you have accepted the increased risk of contracting COVID19 or any other contagious illness. We leave the choice to accept this risk to the individual. Any measure of personal protection from contracting COVID 19 is left to the individual as well. Because the risk of contracting COVID19 can be avoided altogether by taking advantage of the livestream service, Red Mesa Fellowship infers that anyone who would come in person has also accepted the risks associated with attending Sunday morning worship service.