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Christians have become “experts” in their theological preferences and before long, many have fallen into the temptation of elevating their ideas to that of their leadership....

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Free Agent


If every Christian made it their personal goal to have a meaningful effect in one church, we would have many strong churches instead of many…...

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Checking Boxes, or Time with the Lord?


What does your daily time with the Lord look like? It seems as though the current trend is often to think of “time with the Lord” simply as synonymous with “Bible reading plan.”...

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House of Mirrors


I remember going into a house of mirrors at a carnival when I was in high school and what caught my eye most was how I could see......

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Gold-digger Christianity


The term “gold-digger” summons a certain caricature of a human that most find revolting. Typically, it conjures up an image of a trophy wife who cares for a man three times her age for reasons…...

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Make Spanking Great Again


There is a topic that I have been meaning to address lately and it is one that will no doubt be in conflict with the ways of the world. When it comes to spanking your children…...

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It's Good Friday. It's a day that is dedicated to remember the death of Jesus upon the cross. But why do Christians choose to remember a moment that seems so dark?...

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Children’s Ministry and a Rotting Cow


Parents, teaching the Word to our children is our responsibility. Let’s take that on for the glory of God!...

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Interpreting the Bible with Confidence


It does not take a theology degree or a special anointing to understand the Bible. It only takes a person who is willing to commit to the work of understanding a passage based on context. Context of the verses that precede, context of the book itself, and context of the historical relevance. These can all be observed from the Bible itself. With these tools, any preacher ca...

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Why Are You Just Standing There!?

know a guy here in St. George with an LDS upbringing (not uncommon) who asked “so what exactly does someone have to do to be saved and Christian and stuff?” Knowing his background, I understood why he was asking. After all, when the whole “plan” is laid out in front......

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