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Bible Study

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Every Thursday

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Category: Bible Study | Coordinator: Sam

This 6:00 Bible study is hosted by Sam and Erin and is open to everyone! If you have kids, bring them! Sam started in Genesis in a study of Biblical Narrative. They will study a total of 15 books of the Bible and half the fun is getting to know the other believers in the room! This group eats together so come hungry, if you can't make dinner, study begins around 6:40pm.

Biblical narrative is important since the Bible authors expected the readers to have taken what was written before into account when reading what they wrote. Prophets and Apostles made reference to events in the Bible to help the reader understand what they meant by what they said. So, it is vital that we are also familiar with these events. 

This study requires attendees to read ahead so that when they come together, they can discuss the narrative together. It serves as a great refresher for older Saints and a time where new believers or even a seeker of truth can learn to understand the Bible on its own terms. 

If you'd like more info, just ask Sam or Mark on Sunday.